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Our Story



Hana opened Love, Peace and Coffee in 2019, with the intention of becoming a little oasis in the madness of city life.

Love, Peace and Coffee was quickly established as the go to cafe for locals, students & tourists looking for vegan treats and coffee leading to the opening of second branch and savoury sister, Love, Peace and Toasties, in 2021!


"Both cafes are very popular with students - for a place to eat, drink and study - and locals, who want to have a little time out from work and the busy city.

We pride ourselves with treating everyone who enters our cafes with the respect and
friendliness we all deserve and encourage inclusivity of all types of people - especially when they spread the love of our delicious waffles, toasties and rainbow lattes!


Often our regulars become our friends and some have even influenced our menu with a signature waffle named after them.

Not only do we treat our customers like family, but we believe that our staff are the heart of our
business. Our team is a mix of lovely people from all over the globe.

We could not ask for a better team!"

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